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Aug. 08/21/17 5:56 AM
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[6878] Total Men
[6820] Total Women
[13698] Total Active Profiles

[2215] Total Caucasian Females
[3523] Total African/American Females
[64] Total Indian/American Females
[362] Total BiRacial Females
[50] Total Asian/American Females
[120] Total Hispanic/American Females
[500] Total Females - Other

[2216] Total Caucasian Males
[3730] Total African/American Males
[55] Total Indian/American Males
[310] Total BiRacial Males
[54] Total Asian/American Males
[102] Total Hispanic/American Males
[422] Total Males - Other
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Why do we show these stats?
  We believe in no nonsense and total disclosure to our participants here at . The numbers above you see in red are fed directly from our database dynamically. That means when you loaded this page into your browser a query was done in that exact moment. The totals you see are as of the moment this page loaded. You may reload this page and possibly those numbers could change as someone new may have just entered their brand new profile here.

   How many other dating websites have you visited and they told you they had millions of profiles and adding 40,000 new profiles a day? Don't believe it! We have been in this business on the Internet since 1998 and we know what it takes to build a database of quality singles. It just don't happen that way. But we'll tell you how it does happen!

Here's the story!
   The truth of the matter is that there are not that many different single's dating websites out there. You may see different domain names and URL's in your search results listings that take you to a special page they have created for that domain name. But all of a sudden you click a link and you go to another domain name! Usually the central domain.

  They have created a doorway website or gateway website and the purpose is to be able to increase their rankings in Search Engines and general presence on the Internet. Often times, that doorway website touts they cater to a particular niche market, like Interracial Singles or BBW's! Truth be known, when you click a link to do a search and end up at their main website, your search results most likely won't contain the types of people you thought you were searching for at all . . .or very few!

  Sure, people may have entered a profile there at one time or the other, but does the MAJORITY of profiles contain the interracial SINGLES you thought you were searching for? We fear not. You are searching their main database where all profiles are just thrown in together. Many of the dating sites have merged and now you can have 10 different dating websites each boasting 40 million profiles when the fact of the matter is they all feed off the same database. Larger well known companies throw in together and the next thing you hear is they each have 50 times the profiles they had yesterday!!!

  Did those singles who may have placed a personals ad know they were also participating in another dating website? Were they all advised they were part of a whole other company and their info is displayed elsewhere on the Net? We think not.

  Bottom line, we believe you are entitled to a "truth in advertising" policy and are not ashamed we cannot tout big numbers like these others websites alledge. Our "WYSIWYG" policy serves to make for better customer relations as we are not interested in fooling or misleading anyone to get them to subscribe. Throughout this website it is stated repeatedly that sincere singles are encouraged to subscribe ONLY when they read a profile they are interested in contacting. Until then, browse all our profiles for free!

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